Natural therapies and cancer

Cancer can devastate the lives of families, friends and the loved ones of patients. But it is also big business. Many sufferers have reached the end of the road with conventional treatments whilst others are strongly opposed to prescription drugs and surgery. There are a number of natural therapies that have attracted much attention and whilst the scientific evidence on their effectiveness remains elusive (largely because of the scientific protocol in conducting trials and tests), many sufferers have reported favourable improvements and swear by such natural therapies. This article discusses some of the more popular therapies and those that have been publicised through celebrity and royal endorsements. These therapies include the Gerson Therapy, shark and bovine cartilage, a number of herbal medicines, essiac tea and mistletoe.

It would be irresponsible to dismiss the large body of anecdotal evidence that exists on their effectiveness especially when patients have reached the point of desperation and despair. Until science can firmly establish incontrovertible evidence that these therapies are ineffective or harmful,. it is not in the best interest of patients, their loved ones and their health care practitioners to dismiss claims of therapeutic benefits even if they do not conform to scientific convention.

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Primary Health Care 2005; 15(3): 35-38rcnpublishing

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