Phyto-oestrogens and the great soya debate

The hormone pattern in women approaching the menopause is associated with declining ovarian function resulting in plummeting oestrogen levels and a complete halting of progesterone production. The standby system involving the adrenal glands should restore the hormone balance and the transition into menopause should be a relatively seamless operation with little or no adverse effect. The reason that this is not the case for women in the West is largely attributed to adrenal exhaustion caused by stress, low blood sugar levels and a poor diet. This contrasts with women in the far east who follow a traditionally natural diet and adopt a holistic lifestyle; they appear to escape menopause symptoms altogether. Concerns over the HRT (hormone replacement therapy) has made many women examine alternative and more natural approaches to managing menopausal symptoms. This article explores the benefits of phyto-oestrogens (plant substances that exert mild oestrogenic effects in the body) and discusses the evidence for their benefit to the many women who have come to rely on a more natural and safer alternative to HRT.

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Primary Health Care 2005; 15(3): 23-25rcnpublishing

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