Yaso is unique in that she is a knowledgeable science teacher, covering all the major sciences from biology to physics, plus she is a trained herbalist and an experienced health writer. She is a fantastic teacher, sharing her skills and knowledge in an inspiring way, and this scientific basis informs much of her work as a herbal practitioner and writer. I would highly recommend both Yaso’s skincare products and her professional work as a medical herbalist and health writer.”  AM, Brighton, August 2015

I’ve had eczema on the palm of one hand for several years. At its worst, the skin was thick, very dry and would crack and bleed. During the period I’ve tried the usual over the counter creams and also some alternatives like Lush Dream Cream & Manuka honey. The standard over the counter products had little effect or aggravated the condition. The Manuka Honey and Lush Dream Cream help most, and until recently I used Dream Cream to keep the condition under some form of control. Recently I was fortunately enough to be introduced to Yaso’ s skin care product. Within a short space of time this has dramatically improved the condition. Visually the palms of my hands now look similar. The skin on the palm with the eczema is soft. There is still some skin thickness and roughness, but seems to be slowly reducing over time. Other members of my family have commented on the dramatic change. From my personal experience I’d strongly recommend trying Yaso’s product.”  Dr Richard Nicholson, Director at Paremus Ltd., Haywards Heath, August 2015

Yaso’s proactive, insightful and collaborative approach to supporting the development of higher education at the College proved very valuable in helping us achieve much within a challenging time frame. A great pleasure to work with.” Dr Darryll Bravenboer PFHEA Head of Academic Development, Middlesex University, March 2015

Yaso was Chair of the Specialist Advisory Panel for Endometriosis SHE Trust whilst I was chair. Yaso is very much the professional and puts her all into all she does. She was an extremely reliable member of our team and worked hard in getting new members to the Panel. She is a pleasure to work with!Dr. Jayne Tullett; Performance,Training and Compliance Manager, October 2013

Yaso is truly inspirational. She has an impressive track record of delivering strategic objectives resulting in multiple benefits for both individuals and organisations while continuing to expand and hone her already incredible skill set and work ethic. I have no hesitation in recommending Yaso for anyone who believes in stringent quality standards and who is committed to making consistent, steady progress.” Christine Yates; HR Equalities Employment Law Specialist, October 2013

I have known Yaso for several years and have no hesitation in recommending her professional skills. She is a highly competent practitioner incorporating evidence based knowledge in her practice whilst maintaining excellent ‘people skills’.” Dr. Shirley D’Souza; Primary Care Practitioner. Business Psychologist. Coach NHS London. June 2013

Yaso is a very effective communicator and I regard her as being very competent, knowledgeable and she is highly regarded by her professional peers.  Yaso has, over the years, demonstrated a strong commitment to the cause of caring for people who have challenging health circumstances and this has manifested itself consistently through her involvement in practical and research activities related to the care of people.  I would strongly recommend Yaso as a Health Consultant as I am secure in the knowledge that she will continue to justify my confidence in her.” Charles O’Dean; Director of Studies at Anglia Ruskin University, London, June 2013

“Yaso is very inspirational in a number of ways, in founding her own botanical skincare product based on her considerable scientific and therapeutic knowledge, and also as a brilliant teacher covering a huge range of scientific topics from astrophysics to zoology. Very few people I know can teach about complexities in both physics and biology in a way that everyone can understand. Yaso deserves her own TV show! (and range of accompanying products!).” AM, Brighton, July 2013

Helping burnt out executives rekindle their energy, renew their enthusiasm and turn around their health. Yaso is a highly motivated, helpful and knowledgeable practitioner. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Sarah Firnberg; Medical Herbalist, Birmingham, October 2013

As a healthcare worker and a big advocate of using natural products, the literature which supports these products is excellent and gives the user the comfort that the information has been very well researched. I highly recommend using the products which are elegantly packaged and displayed.” Harlean Saunders-Fox, VP Medical Staff Operations,  Bermuda Hospitals Board , August 2015

Yaso’s passion in delivering the ultimate best is reflected in every matter she is involved in. A dedicated lecturer, an avid writer and a devoted student, continually learning and developing her knowledge and enjoying the journey. Her skin care products are a beautiful balance of ingredients, luxurious and well researched with scientifically proven benefits. Everytime I use them, it’s a little pampering session for myself in the day!” YA, Cambridgeshire, August 2015

Yaso’s knowledge, skill and expertise in the field of medical herbalism is extraordinary; she bring a meticulous detail and an understanding of human conditions and behaviour in the manner which treats her patients. I have had need for several types of treatment, all of which have been undertaken after thorough consultations and assessment of my particular needs. Yaso sends me her treatment packs well wrapped with a care and an eye for presentational detail which reflects well on her consideration and personal care for her clients. I have seen her making presentations to wide audiences and she manages her work with humility and consummate professionalism. She is humble for her achievements and always willing to learn and develop her scientific and medical knowledge and expertise. She is a medical writer, researcher and an innovative entrepreneur. She blends her busy life with a variety that allows her to have a varied group of clients and an energy to give of her best at all times. She brings the same level of enthusiasm to her teaching and a love for the subject of biology and a passion to see her students thrive and excel in all that they do. She is fully immersed in teaching life and is fully appreciated by her peers and students with equal gratitude and appreciation.SDS, London, September 2015

Yaso Shan is very knowledgeable and professional as an experienced medical herbalist.  She is a very kind person who takes great care to understand and  prescribe the correct course of treatment to suit the patient.” CB, Horsted Keynes, September 2015