Biology Olympiad Success

Varndean College celebrates the success of Resham Bagaria, a second year A Level Biology student who competed in the 2022 British Biology Olympiad. She was awarded a Silver in this year’s competition which took place in March.

Over 10,000 students from more than 700 schools worldwide took part in this year’s competition held in March and she was in the 10% of students who were awarded Silver. This is a great achievement.

The British Biology Olympiad 2022 comprised two 45-minute papers. Resham sat them back-to-back on the same day. The first paper contained many questions about all aspects of biology. The second paper contained longer problem-solving questions. Candidates are normally presented with unfamiliar ideas and topics, and she would have had to use complex problem-solving skills and intuition to answer some of the more challenging questions.

Resham was mentored and coached by Yaso Shan, a Biology tutor at Varndean. She says “as ever, the competition questions were incredibly challenging, testing students’ ability to carefully consider, analyse and evaluate general scientific principles in addition to the depth and breadth of knowledge on all aspects of biology which candidates are asked to apply to complex problem-solving questions. It is a testament to Resham that she had the skills and intellectual acumen to meet these challenges under stringent time constraints in an exam setting. I congratulate her wholeheartedly for her resolve and aptitude”.

The British Biology Olympiad (BBO) is an annual competition that challenges and stimulates students with an interest in biology to expand and extend their talents. It enables students to demonstrate their talent and to be suitably rewarded with publicly recognised certificates. British Biology Olympiad 2022

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Emerging from lock down with natural healthcare

The 9 Best Herbs for Lung Cleansing and Respiratory Support | Lung ...My good colleague and fellow herbalist has written a great article on how we can all safely return to some sort of normality following huge disruptions and changes to our lives. It is perhaps a good time to look at how we approach dis-ease and wellness from a refreshed perspective. I believe that we all have the ability to manage our health in a more natural and sustainable way, using holistic methods which are mostly easy to do and these practices give us a better physical and emotional connection with our own healthcare. You can read the full article here

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Biology Students win Gold CREST Awards

Varndean College is celebrating the success of four of its recently qualified A Level Biology students who have all been awarded CREST
Awards by the British Science Association.

CREST is a national scheme to help inspire young people to become independent and reflective learners, in which an award is given in recognition of them meeting the assessment criteria for an individualised science project they have led and carried out. In the 16+ age category, the project must take a minimum of 70 hours, contribute to a STEM field of study, whilst working with an external mentor from their chosen field of study. 

Yaso Shan, Biology Tutor at Varndean College who organised and administered the Awards commented: “This is a particularly noteworthy achievement as students were able to experience scientific research and investigations under the guidance and expertise of university professors which represents a fantastic opportunity for A Level students. It is  remarkable that our students have been able to undertake, complete and succeed on a project of this scale in such unprecedented circumstances in
addition to securing A Level success and university places.

Biology News                                                                                 

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Graduation News

So proud of my ex-student Nick Porter who graduates from the University of Surrey with a First Class Honours in Medicinal Chemistry. It’s good to see talent in our youngsters and exciting challenges ahead of him in this field. He’s currently a Placement Student at the British Geological Survey which is part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and is its principal supplier of national capability in geoscience. It advances understanding of the structure, properties and processes of the solid Earth system through interdisciplinary surveys, monitoring and research for the benefit of society.


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Celebration without hugs!

Varndean College staged a physically-distanced celebration on Monday, as IB students received outstanding results yet again, with students securing places at prestigious universities including Bristol, Cambridge, York, Leeds, UCL, Warwick and Imperial College, London to read subjects ranging from Fine Art to Philosophy, and Midwifery to Medicine and Marine Biology.

Siva Kumari, IB Director General said: “An IB education has always been about more than results and, this year, students have had to deal with a level of global disruption that has never been experienced before. We know that the IB has prepared them to be better learners for life—to be better, more critical thinkers, better at formulating excellent questions and finding the answers, and better suited to adapting to our ever-changing world.” 

IB Results Day 2020

Congratulations to all our wonderful Year 2 IB students who collected their results on Monday with physically distancing restrictions in place. We are so proud of what you have all achieved under the circumstances and well done on a fantastic set of results yet again. Goodbye and good luck in all your future progression routes.

Posted by Varndean College on Wednesday, 8 July 2020

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