About Herbal Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine involves the use of plants or plant extracts to help alleviate symptoms of a wide variety of medical conditions and common health problems. It has a long tradition of use worldwide and it is among the most popular and highly respected of the alternative therapies.

The first consultation may last up to an hour or longer. Current symptoms will be recorded as well as details of past medical history. Sometimes a physical examination may be necessary to make or confirm a diagnosis. Very often, a thorough review of diet and lifestyle is carried out. Follow-up consultations are usually shorter and will monitor progress after treatment. Often a review of the symptoms and a check up after the treatment has finished is carried out on a 6-monthly basis.

Almost anyone can benefit from herbal remedies and is especially useful when given as a general tonic. However, some conditions respond particularly well especially those of long duration. Advice about healthy living and a holistic approach to tackling the symptoms can, in the long-term, address common problems such as:

  • food intolerances
  • persistent tiredness
  • chronic fatigue
  • regulate weight
  • regulate sleep
  • boost energy
  • improve vitality & fitness

Specific herbs are chosen which will clear the body of toxins and impurities, long thought to be the cause of many of the modern day symptoms and at the heart of common ailments and chronic illnesses.

Herbal medicines that are selected will very much depend on the type of condition that is presented and how severe the problem is. Quite often, a simple change to diet and lifestyle is all that is needed. Herbal medicines are prescribed that can either be liquid based (eg. tinctures, teas), creams, lotions or tablets. All herbal remedies and advice are individually tailored for each person and is based on the information gathered during consultation and physical examination. Herbal medicines are gentle remedies and will normally take longer to produce any effects than conventional drugs. Very few people experience side-effects and most will see the benefits within weeks of beginning treatment.

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I run surgeries at the Vinings Natural Health Centre in West Sussex. For all appointments for a consultation and herbal remedies, please call 07817 420118 or email me at


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