I started my career as a Lecturer in the Health Sciences and despite foraying into the field of healthcare, I am often asked to give seminars, talks and lectures at conferences on health-related matters, particularly on issues of public health debate and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

I currently lecture on a part-time basis in the empirical sciences which has always been my first real passion. Occasionally, and on request, I do guest lecturing, short courses and CPD events as part of a Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme for conventional doctors and other health care practitioners.

Much of what is in the public domain is just simply ‘bad science’ and the work of science communicators such as myself is often a big challenge given the scope for misinformation and poor reporting in the media leading to misunderstanding, confusion and misrepresentation.

Here is a list of the courses and CPD events that I am frequently asked to offer:

2-day taster courses:
Introduction to Herbal Medicine

10-week courses:
Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine/Herbs for Health
Intermediate Herbal Medicine
Advanced Herbal Medicine

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events:

Mental Health in the Workplace (2018) A talk aimed at lay people on the growing problem of mental illness, examining the range of conditions which can affect employees and offering advice on how and where Herbal Medicine can play a part in supporting mental well-being.

Sick of Allergy (2018) A talk aimed at the lay person on the growing incidence of allergic conditions and how herbal medicines as well as foods can help alleviate common and generic symptoms. 

Home Herbal Remedies A one-day practical workshop in making a number of effective home remedies using herbal ingredients and natural plant products.

Cancer & HM A half-day (or one-day) seminar on the use of herbal medicines in the management of patients diagnosed with cancer. Highly controversial, the topic evokes emotive responses, fascination and hope to many sufferers and their families.

Mental Illness A half-day seminar on the therapeutic effectiveness of herbal medicines in the treatment and management of a range of mental health disorders including anxiety and depression, stress-related conditions such as insomnia, restlessness etc… A useful and practical session for many alternative as well as mainstream practitioners who want to adopt a more natural and holistic approach to addressing this increasingly common problem within modern societies.

Weight Loss and HM A half-day seminar on this popular subject and how to use herbal remedies for effective weight loss and weight management

Endocrine Disorders and Infertility & HM A one-day seminar exploring the main endocrine conditions that influence fertility and the herbal approach to treatment

Inflammatory Disorders Part 1 A one-day seminar exploring the various common health disorders and their association with the inflammatory process and immune system function. The action of herbs and their clinical usefulness will be discussed in detail with examples of case studies and discussion.

Inflammatory Disorders Part 2 A one-day seminar on the many herbal alternatives for treating and managing a range of common disorders of inflmmatory origin.

Diabetes & HM A half-day seminar into the growing problem of type 2 diabetes and the clinical usefulness of medicinal herbs in the treatment & management of this condition.

Clinical Skills Workshop A practical one-day workshop (link with Clinic)

Preventing Heart Disease A half-day seminar on the risks of CHD and familial hypercholesterolaemia with a discussion of the range of herbal treatments and supplements to manage the condition. A case study discussion is also included.

Making a Herbarium A one-day workshop into composing a herbarium on selected medicinal plants with associated monographs

Herbs & Women’s Health A one-day seminar into the range of women’s health problems and how herbal medicines can be used in their treatment and management

Other Seminar Transcripts: