Group Tutorials

I sometimes offer group tutorial sessions on request, at a reduced rate. These sessions can be very useful especially if there is a large demand for a particularly topic that many students commonly struggle with or if I have limited availability, which often happens.

The benefits of group tuition

Group tuition has many benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Your child will have the opportunity to interact with other students and meet new people, which means they will be able to hear other peoples’ opinions and listen to questions they may not have thought of themselves. The focus of the lesson will not solely be on your child, so they may have more time to digest certain pieces of information. Other benefits include:

  • Usually more affordable than one-to-one tuition
  • Tuition centres will provide well researched materials for the lesson
  • Tutors are often full-time workers, who are committed to teaching
  • Group tuition is usually at a centre with better equipment
  • Provides opportunities to share their knowledge or problems with each other and enable peer learning
  • Encourages interaction and enhances social skills
  • Encourages friendly competition
  • Offers a livelier environment for more enjoyable learning

Topics which could be covered in group tutorials (depending on your context) include:

  • Understanding assessment criteria
  • Preparing for exams
  • Academic integrity
  • Generic feedback on assignments
  • Making the most of feedback
  • Specific academic or study skills e.g. critiquing literature, structuring an essay, giving presentations, managing your time, working effectively in groups
  • Thinking about careers