Testimonials (Education)

Here is a selection of testimonials from my previous students:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Varndean College. My Biology tutor Yaso has been immensely supportive and made the lessons as engaging and enjoyable as possible. This past year has been extremely hard for everybody but Yaso put in so much effort to ensure that all of her students are able to not only learn the content but to focus on their mental well-being too in order to avoid excessive stress. I have learnt so many interesting things in Biology and I’ve found it so fun. I feel that my problem solving skills, my ability to remain calm under pressure and my communication skills have all improved due to taking this course. Studying here has truly been the highlight of my education so far and I will always treasure my time spent here.” Rhianon Potter, A Level Biology 2021 (now studying BSc (Hons) Psychology at University of Sussex)

With Yaso’s teaching style, dedication and guidance, you would be hard-pressed to find a student who wouldn’t develop an interest in biology. Her passion for the subject is contagious and allows the lessons to extend beyond the limits of the syllabus, nurturing curiosity and enthusiasm. Now at university, I am even more grateful for the skills she provided me with, not just as a scientist, but as a young person out in the world. The kindness she models is invaluable, and her dedication continued as she supported me during my gap year. I cannot think of a more encouraging teacher.” Elsie Houghton International Baccalaureate 2020 (now studying BSc (Hons) Psychology with Neuroscience at University of Nottingham)

“Admittedly upon starting, I was slightly intimidated by the thing that is IB Biology and everything it entails. However, having completed the course under the tutelage of Yaso these past two years, the fears I might have once had have been replaced by a new and genuine passion and understanding of the subject. Undeniably, this was because of Yaso’s innovative and holistic approach to teaching the course material by frequently incorporating enjoyable tasks that help the class further understand or summarise what we’ve just been taught. In the same vein, lessons were never limited to the scope allowed by the syllabus but instead discussions about current and future applications of course material were very much encouraged. Additionally, Yaso’s caring nature and overall enthusiasm particularly shone through when designing and setting up my experiment for the Internal Assessment, where she was totally dedicated to ensuring that I understood the project I was about to undergo and also readily answered or researched any questions I might have had.  It was these things, amongst many others, that made Yaso’s Biology class an absolute pleasure to go to, even during the most challenging parts of the IB.” FO; International Baccalaureate 2020 (now studying BMBS Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at Imperial College London)

It has truly been a privilege to have been taught by Yaso, as she has been one of the most enthusiastic and passionate teachers I have had, and she made the lessons extremely engaging and enjoyable.” 
ED; International Baccalaureate 2020 (now studying BSc (Hons) Marine Biology at the University of Southampton)  

Yaso was my biology teacher for the two years whilst studying the IB. One of the major contributors for my excitement at attending college every morning was knowing that I was going to see Yaso for Biology. Despite her being a great teacher, she was also an even better student because she learnt how to tailor her immense knowledge so that her students would retain it all for a lifetime and not just for a test. I remain wholeheartedly grateful for the knowledge, her skill and the encouragement that she provided in addition to being an eternal friend. Indisputably, I would not be anywhere near to where I am today without her teaching, advice and guidance.Magdalena Lech; International Baccalaureate 2017 (now studying BMBS Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at University of Southampton) 

“Yaso taught me biology A level and could not have been more supportive. I looked forward to every lesson (even the more dry topics!) and her effective teaching style meant I was more than able to keep up with class work while working on university applications for a competitive subject. Yaso is patient, easy to understand and is always well-prepared to try and keep you on your toes academically.” Toby Collen; A Level Biology 2016 (now studying Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College, RVC)

Yaso was my A Level Biology teacher at college, and I certainly could not have asked for a better tutor! Yaso’s lessons were always to the highest standard of detail, and her explanations were always very clear. Going into a science based degree now, I will continue to employ her techniques in my studies, as well as continuing to use diagrams (Yaso’s were amazing for revision!). I’m not sure you will find a better Biology tutor – she’s amazing!Jessica Duke; A Level Biology 2018 (studying BVMSci Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Surrey)

Yaso taught me biology at college. Aside from being a fantastic teacher, Yaso always went above and beyond by representing students and fighting for our education. Yaso is passionate about her field and provided high quality teaching whilst maintaining her natural charisma and kindness.” Nathan Hardingham; A Level Biology 2016 (studying BSc (Hons) Biochemistry at University of Surrey, currently doing a placement/sandwich year as a development chemist/R&D intern at Church & Dwight formulating and testing products for pharmaceutical companies such as Batiste, Arm & Hammer and Femfresh)

Every child deserves the opportunity of experiencing that one teacher during their schooling that shapes their whole experience and changes their perspective and attitude towards education and learning for the better. Yaso was that teacher for me and for that I will be ever grateful. She inspired me to strive higher, perform better and develop a true passion for science in general and biology in particular. Concepts and topics that I used to struggle with became clear and concise and I was actively encouraged to ask questions in order to gain a fuller understanding. She gives her all to her students and the results they obtain are evidence of her hard work and dedication. I genuinely don’t think I would be where I am today (a Masters student in sport and health sciences at the University of Exeter) without her. Yaso is a fantastic educator who truly cares for her students and should anyone be contemplating working with her through private tuition, I could not recommend her highly enough.Sonia Ryan; A Level Biology 2016

Yaso is the most skilled, encouraging, and attentive teacher I have encountered across all of my schooling. Her knowledge, clarity, and dedication to providing the highest standard of education helped me achieve 100% in A Level Biology exams after only a year under her tuition. Additionally, Yaso’s confidence in me and unwavering support throughout my A Levels and beyond has uplifted me and kick started my passion for biological education. The positive influence of Yaso has certainly shaped my educational and career path, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to be taught by her!Katie Tomsett A Level Biology 2015 (Graduated with First Class Honours in BSc Ecology, Conservation and Environment from the University of Sussex with a special award for top student of the year 2018)

“Yaso was and continues to be the most dedicated and committed teacher I’ve ever had. She always so on top of the material with a real ability to make sure that not only do her students understand but are also fascinated by it. I don’t think I’d have either ended up at Oxford or on my medical degree without her support.” Yann Newby A Level Biology 2015 (Graduated from Oxford University (Wadham College) with BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences and now studying Medicine at King’s College London)

Yaso was my teacher for A-Level Biology and was always enthusiastic and approachable which made the difficult material easier to engage with. She was always willing to help with any problem and explained things in a way that was accessible and easy to grasp. Yaso is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her tuition.Nicholas Porter A Level Biology 2015 (Graduated with First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Medicinal Chemistry from University of Surrey and currently Placement Student at British Geological Survey in inorganic analytical chemistry)

Yaso is unique in that she is a knowledgeable science teacher, covering all the major sciences from biology to physics, plus she is a trained herbalist and an experienced health writer. She is a fantastic teacher, sharing her skills and knowledge in an inspiring way, and this scientific basis informs much of her work as a herbal practitioner and writer. I would highly recommend both Yaso’s skincare products and her professional work as a medical herbalist and health writer.”  AM, GCSE Science 2011 Owner / Director at Latest Brighton Ltd., August 2015