Biology Students win Gold CREST Awards

Varndean College is celebrating the success of four of its recently qualified A Level Biology students who have all been awarded CREST
Awards by the British Science Association.

CREST is a national scheme to help inspire young people to become independent and reflective learners, in which an award is given in recognition of them meeting the assessment criteria for an individualised science project they have led and carried out. In the 16+ age category, the project must take a minimum of 70 hours, contribute to a STEM field of study, whilst working with an external mentor from their chosen field of study. 

Yaso Shan, Biology Tutor at Varndean College who organised and administered the Awards commented: “This is a particularly noteworthy achievement as students were able to experience scientific research and investigations under the guidance and expertise of university professors which represents a fantastic opportunity for A Level students. It is  remarkable that our students have been able to undertake, complete and succeed on a project of this scale in such unprecedented circumstances in
addition to securing A Level success and university places.

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